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Gillette sponsorship commercial for the Movember event on Independent Film Channel. Floating Pear Productions helped with animation (the Samurai animation) under direction from our friends Yes Please.

YES PLEASE / LEE SCHULZ / ANOUCK IYER: Creative Direction, Concept, Design, Animation and Edit  •  SCRIPT / WRITING PARTNER: Jed Alger  •  SAMURAI ANIMATION: Dee Boyd and Damon Wong (Floating Pear)  •  MUSIC / SOUND FX: Charlie Campbell (Aika Music)  •  VOICE: Marc Friedman  •  PHOTO RETOUCHING: Daniyel Hicks  •  HAND MODEL: Chris Bodven  •  CLIENT: Independent Film Channel + Gillette  •  IFC CREATIVE DIRECTION: Meredith Cooper  •  FC PRODUCER: Anna Toonk

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