Floating Pear Productions is an award winning Rhode Island based Animation Company that provides exemplary motion graphics for the internet, marketing presentations, children's toys, mobile devices, video games, and film/television. Their diversely skilled artists have more than 10 years of experience working in the animation industry with clients such as Hasbro, American Greetings, Atom Entertainment, Scholastic, Team One Advertising and GREE (Funzio).


Individually, the officers of the company have worked on TV shows from storyboarding to art direction such as; Bob's Burgers (FOX), El Tigre (Nickelodeon), Dick and Paula (FX), Hey Monie (Oxygen, BET), Home Movies (UPN, Cartoon Network), O'Grady (Teen Nick, The N), Team Toon (Cartoon Network), Time Warp Trio (Discovery Kids, CBBC), The Lewis Lectures (Cartoon Network, Adult Swim) and Word Girl (PBS). Staff has also worked on many animations for Sesame Street internet games.


Our short film, Extinction of the Saber-Toothed Housecat, has been selected for inclusion in the 2012 New York International Children’s Film Festival. NYICFF is an Academy®-qualifying festival.



Animation Company for 2008 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Outstanding Children/Youth/Teen Program or Special for "The Adventures of Young Thomas Edison."


2012 New York International Children’s Film Festival AUDIENCE AWARD, AGES 5-10: Extinction of the Sabertooth House Cat


Dee Boyd

Dalila “Dee” Boyd graduated in Illustration and Film from Rhode Island School of Design. She then pursued a career in animation, working for several studios animating and art directing numerous commercials, television shows, and interactive software titles. She now heads Floating Pear Productions, an animation company she co-founded.


Dee has done commercial work for Nickelodeon and Olive Jar Productions and has worked on  several  animated  television shows such as Word Girl (PBS), Home Movies (UPN and Cartoon Network), Dick and Paula (FX), and was assistant art director on Hey Monie (Oxygen and BET), as well as several television pilots. She served as Art Director on interactive software titles for clients such as Sesame Street and Hasbro. She has worked extensively on writing, designing, and animating on Floating Pear’s original property such as  Tedi, Approaching the Issue in 80 Dates comic and her children’s book Only the Stars with Scholastic and Color Bridge Books.

Damon Wong

Damon Wong graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Art and Environmental studies. After graduation, he moved to New England for his first job as an animator and video editor. He later became an assistant art director in an interactive software company before co-founding Floating Pear Productions.


Damon has worked on shows such as Bob's Burgers (FOX), Word Girl (PBS), Home Movies (UPN and  later Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim),  Ogrady  High (Noggin’s The N), Hey Monie (Oxygen and BET), Dick and Paula (FX)  as well as several television pilots. He also worked on interactive projects for clients such as Sesame Street. With his own company he has worked extensively animating and editing on Floating Pear’s property Tedi which has been seen on SciFi UK’s show Saiko Exiciting. He brings a high level of excellence to every project he is on and cares a great deal about the final product.

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